10 Travel Essentials for Baby

Traveling with baby? With today’s new gadgets and products, it’s easier than ever to hightail it out of town with baby in tow. Check out our top 10 picks that will ensure a smooth trip with baby.

1. Baby Cargo Strollers: Light, stylish and surprisingly inexpensive, Baby Cargo Strollers are ideally situated for life on the road.

2. Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light: The lightest and most compact alternative to icky hotel cribs, your baby will reward you with a full night’s sleep.

3. Maclaren Beginnings Baby-On-the-Go Travel Kit: Be ready for any emergency with Maclaren’s travel size kit complete with everything you need to take care of baby on the go.

4. Supergoop SPF Swipes: If you’re short on time and packing space, save room by dispensing with big bottles of sunscreen and pack these compact SPF swipes that are all natural and provide the safest level of SPF 30.

5. FlyeBaby: While small babies may be easier to fly with than toddlers (no tantrums or running through the aisles), holding them on one’s lap throughout the entire flight can be strenuous. The FlyeBaby is an ingenious contraption that allows baby to lie down and gives mom some extra breathing room.

6. Go Anywhere Booster Seat: A portable high chair, this is an easy solution for when parents don’t want to pack a bulky booster seat but can’t be bothered to rely on restaurant high chairs.

7. Lily Gold Nap Sac: It’s a bassinet, changing station, no, it’s a diaper bag. It’s all three actually and will have baby napping in style and comfort on the road, while giving mom and dad an extra bag to stash baby essentials.

8. Rock Me USA:Baby clothes that have no snaps and look like separates are an ingenious idea for traveling. Not only are the clothes easy to put on in a pinch in case baby gets messy, they’re also very stylish and breathable.

9. Britax Travel Cart: Instead of buying a whole new mobile car seat system, invest in this affordable travel cart so you can transport baby and car seat quickly at the airport or anywhere the summer takes you.

10. Huggies Hawaiian Diapers: Cloth diapers may be best for the environment, but when it comes to traveling, disposable diapers are the easiest alternative. Switch from boring diapers to these adorable limited edition tropical prints from Huggies.