Lighten Up: Top Travel Gear That Won’t Weigh You Down

Whether you’re traveling with an infant, toddler, or an older kid, there’s no denying that their gear packs quite a punch. Besides the burden of having to haul your kids and a mountain of “essentials” during the busiest travel time of the year, there are all the extra fees for carry ons and checked bags to consider. So much so that even the most free-wheeling fams are trying to cut down what they pack and what they leave at home. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the lightest, most packable travel gear that will ensure you’re covered for any on-the-go emergency.

Sit Seat: If you’re traveling en air with baby in your lap, don’t even think about going without the sit seat. Perfect for harnasing baby to you during the flight, it will leave you hands free and ready for feeding and entertaining. Once you arrive, you can use the handy, packable gizmo as a high-chair substitute. And it folds away into a small pouch for easy packing.

Ride-On Suitcase: A multiple-use travel solution your kids will love, this Ride On Suitcase is roomy enough for all their little essentials, and is a great way to haul kids during dashes across the terminal or just entertaining them during delays and layovers. We love it because it beats the competitors with its solid frame, easy locking functionality, and 55 pound support that will help it grow with your child.

Bubble Bum Booster: Packing a huge booster seat is usually out of the question, but renting them can hike up your car rental costs considerably. Solve the age-old dilemma with BubbleBum, an inflatable, portable, 100 percent safety-checked booster that you can pack then inflate in 20 seconds flat. You’ll never leave home without one again.

Monkey Mat: For those long waits when you have no where to put down the baby or the bigger kids, pack the small Monkey Mat that folds out large. Perfect for tropical vacations when you need to lay out a safe welcome mat for the family brood.

Inflatable Bed Rail: Most hotels have cribs and play yards, but bed bumpers are usually a no-go requiring extra bed rentals for toddlers. Be prepared for this small but important adjustment with inflatable bed bumpers from One Step Ahead. This is one item that packs up small, but offers lots of peace of mind. Travel Light Sweestakes